About Us

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Mustang Equipment is located in the heart of the country and instills mid-west values in its operation.  The founder has over 20 years of experience building industrial equipment for the Marine and Rail Road industries as well as the Department of Defense.  Our product lines include electric, pneumatic and hydraulic Railcar Hopper Gate Openers, Winch and Capstan based Railcar Movers and Positioning Systems, Gangways, Accommodation Ladders, Barge and Ship Access Systems.  At Mustang Equipment we understand that each project is unique. We obtain all possible information from our customers so that we can analyze it and provide the best possible solutions.  Custom equipment is standard for us.  If you have a problem we will provide a solution.

Our dedicated staff is always available to assist whenever you need us.  Our focus is not on the sale of our equipment but on the building of long term relationships that provide opportunity and success to our customers as well as us.  Mustang Equipment has staff available for field work and troubleshooting as well as in house repair.  Our engineering staff can provide consulting services for any project you may have.